Authentic DeMar DeRozan Stitched NBA Jersey

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DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors recently learned his NBA 2K18 rating. Is it too low, too high, or just right? Here are three completely unscientific ways to tell.

Forget All-Star appearances, stats, even rings. What NBA stars care about most – and who could blame them? – is their NBA cheap jerseys nba 2K rating. The difference between a losing in the first round of the playoffs and losing in the NBA Finals is negligible really; the difference between a 90 and an 89 in 2K is life or death.

Recently, a handful of players were (un)lucky enough to learn their ratings for the newest iteration of the game, NBA 2K18. The whole guess-and-find-out exercise was reasonably entertaining, but next time, 2K developers should probably avoid dropping these videos just before Kyrie Irving shatters the NBA universe.

Speaking of Irving, remember how he similarly shattered the Toronto Raptors‘ dreams last playoffs? Well, he beat Toronto again, receiving a 90 rating compared to DeMar DeRozan’s 89.

Right now, the most pressing question for Raptors fans is whether DeRozan’s rating is fair compared to those of his peers. If not, fans will riot.

It’s difficult to compare big men and perimeter players so we’ll ignore the two centers for now. Let’s look at Devin Booker first. DeRozan is effectively a non-shooter from three, and he compromises a team’s spacing, whereas Booker is known as a deadeye who can play on or off-ball.

But even accounting for shooting – and Booker’s shot is still largely theoretical (career 35.4 percent from three) – DeRozan is a more proven offensive player. And defensively, Booker and his short arms reach a level of ineptitude DeRozan, although a negative, does not. At this point in their respective careers, DeRozan is three or four points better. Fair.

Irving is also inferior to DeRozan defensively, but there’s no competition on offense. The two play a similar iso-heavy brand of basketball, except Irving adds far more value away from the ball. Come the playoffs, we’ve seen teams successfully gameplan against DeRozan, whereas Irving is almost unguardable. But if we’re counting the regular season, when Irving can be inconsistent, one point seems okay enough. Fair.

And then there’s Paul George, who is more versatile offensively, shoots at an extremely high level, and is one of the best defenders in the league. George isn’t dominant – he doesn’t get to the line often enough and shoots a few too many midrange jumpers – but he definitely earns those two points. Fair.