Authentic Golden State Warriors NBA Jerseys For Cheap

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JaVale McGee and the Golden State Warriors have agreed to a one-year deal at the veteran minimum, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes. It’s an enormous bargain for the Warriors, who turned McGee into a reliable role player in one of the best seasons of his career last year.

McGee might have been able to sign a more lucrative deal elsewhere, but it appeared that no one pursued him with serious money this summer. If they did, at least no one caught wind of it. The 29-year-old big man has made more than $53 million in his career, after all, though his long wait to re-sign seems to indicate that he was holding out for other offers. Still, getting McGee back for the minimum — really the only option the Warriors had — is an excellent return on investment for general manager Joe Lacob.

Last season, McGee averaged six points and three rebounds in 77 games while averaging only 10 minutes per game. His 65 percent field goal percentage, highest of his career, tells an even clearer story. McGee has a long list of weaknesses, most of them involving mental lapses and ill-advised decisions. But in Golden State, McGee was as consistent as he has ever been, and the Warriors accentuated his strengths to the extent that it covered up much of his weaknesses.

McGee’s athleticism and “vertical spacing,” as Steve Kerr likes to call it, cheap nba jerseys authentic is perfect for Golden State. Just like defenses fear its shooters, they can’t cheat too far out to the wings or a rolling McGee will dunk all over them. Teams routinely screw this up because it’s almost impossible not to.