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Thunder in the news is your one-stop shop for everything OKC Thunder; today we take a look at a couple big men in Oklahoma City.

Here at Thunderous Intentions we cover every aspect of the team, even those old-fashioned back-to-the-basket big men. Today two of our stories has to do with the dying breed; one centered around an established big and the other cheap nba jerseys authentic focusing on a highly-touted G-League prospect in Dakari Johnson. Our third story? I’ll wait for you to read through and find out.
Steven Adams calls Melo speculation “fantasizing”

Leave it to the Big Kiwi to drop a one-liner like this one. Not only did Adams compare Carmelo Anthony to Michael Jordan, but he did so with his patented Kiwi charm. Whether Melo will end up in Oklahoma City is doubtful, but it does indicate that Sam Presti is up to something. I mean seriously – when are the Thunder ever in trade rumors unless it’s to target somebody else?

I rest my case.

On Friday, TMZ Sports passed along comments from Adams, who brought up a certain Chicago Bulls legend as part of the Melo conversation.

Dakari Johnson is ready to step up this season

I’ve been on the Dakari bandwagon since he was drafted in the second round back in 2015. Now it looks like he’s finally getting his chance to prove himself to the Big Leaguers. In fact, Dakari didn’t even get invited to training camp last season. But here he is now, a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

You know it’s official when Nick Gallo writes a feature story about you.

The Thunder recently signed Johnson to a contract, clearly impressed by his work in the G League with the Oklahoma City Blue, where he was named to the All-NBA G League First Team and was selected as an NBA G-League All-Star. He’ll have a chance to make the roster and compete for NBA playing time, starting in training camp this fall.

The benefit of keeping Kyle Singler around

This one had to have made you do a double-take. How can Singler, the subject of an infamous Reddit post, be a positive for the Thunder? If you give Joshua Lea’s article a gander you’ll see exactly why.