D’Angelo Russell Jersey Wholesale Price

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There is nothing worse than a bad team … except a bland bad team.

The Nets are hoping D’Angelo Russell can change both of those.

Though Brooklyn has a developed a family culture and assembled a roster of high-character players, they’re coming off an NBA-worst 20-62 season and traded away their best player in Brook Lopez. They are distinctly devoid of buzz. But the 21-year-old Russell — whose dating life is Page Six fodder — provides just that, and they likely will sell that.

“He creates a lot of talk value for us. With fans, we hear it on social media platforms and just generally speaking with ticket sellers and buyers. That’s good,” Brett Yormark told The Post. “That’s good, right? We want to create a conversation with your fans, and he’s helped do that.”

Yormark is the CEO of Nets parent company Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, and more than any other league, the NBA is at the intersection of sports and entertainment. And Russell clearly starts conversations, from outing former Lakers teammate Nick Young cheating on Iggy Azalea to his own prolific dating record.

On a somewhat bland team, Russell clearly will add some flavor and juice.

“The NBA is a star-driven league, a celebrity league. It taps into popular culture,” YES Network president Jon Litner told The Post. “The combination of tremendous athletic talent with celebrity, it’s a real positive, no different than Russell Westbrook, who has an affinity for clothes but has a tremendous game on the court.

“So if D’Angelo Russell embraces that — or any of these guys embrace that — I think it’s a positive. It’s no different than Jeremy Lin, the way he has a great story. You’ve got storylines and personalities beyond what they can do on the court.”

Lin is immensely popular in Asia and has one of the league’s biggest social media presences, with 3.7 million likes on Facebook and 2.4 million followers on Twitter. But Russell is hugely popular with the different, younger crowd, evidenced by his 2.1 million followers on Instagram, where he posted video of his midnight workouts in Brooklyn.

But there is a fine line between fame and infamy.

“Hope is the greatest marketing asset in all of sports. They can talk around [D’Angelo] Russell as hope for the future. But he’s got to perform,” said SportsCorp founder Marc Ganis, a capital markets expert who has dealt with the Nets and Yankees “The team monetizing it is indirect. Them promoting him is [like reality TV].”

Russell has been like reality TV — linked with Kendall Jenner, Niki Withers and TV host Jennifer Leon. He dated the Jenner within a week of tipping off his wholesale jerseys rookie season, getting chided by Kobe Bryant about keeping his mind on basketball. Then came last season’s relationship with Withers, which seemingly ended — ironically — when pictures surfaced of him out with Leon.

“We live in an era when celebrity is even more valued,” Ganis told The Post. “But it’s a double-edged sword, because if you do anything to screw it up, if you hit a woman … back in the day it would be covered up. Now you’re [out of the league].

“If all of sudden you see him out there at the nightclub, that’ll be in the papers. Page Six, TMZ will cover it. That does have some value. It brings star power for a team that desperately needs it. But it can go the other way faster than any of us would care to admit.”