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Authentic Wesley Matthews Stitched NBA Jersey

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Eddie Sefko, Mavericks beat writer for and The Dallas Morning News, answered questions about the team in a live chat Monday. Here are some of the highlights:

Question: Do you see Wesley Matthews on this team past the trade deadline?

Sefko: Probably. This is not a team that is looking for a fast fix to this thing. They are hoping Dennis Smith Jr. is the real deal and they can grow with him and [Harrison] Barnes and maybe [Nerlens] Noel. That, plus a winning season, would set the Mavericks up to be one of the few teams with good cap space next summer that could make a run at a couple free agents of note. It’s ambitious thinking, but trading Matthews would mean taking back some salary, most likely, and that’s something the Mavericks don’t want to do. I do believe Matthews is set up to have a better season than the first two he’s had in Dallas, which include his two worst 3-point percentages of his career.

Question: If you have to pick one guy on this Mavs roster, besides Dirk [Nowitzki] obviously, who has the best chance to make it to the Hall of Fame one day?

Sefko: At this point????? You’d have to go with Dennis Smith Jr. Obviously, former Maverick Jason Kidd is a no-brainer. But I can’t see Harrison Barnes or J.J. Barea or anybody else qualifying.

Question: Do you think [Adrian] Beltre will ever get anywhere close to Dirk-level beloved-ness in DFW?

Sefko: Probably not. Playing your whole career with one team is a big deal and ingratiates a player with the community on a grand scale. Don’t weep for Beltre. He’s been awesome and will be revered for a long time. But not like Pudge, I suspect. And certainly not like Dirk.

Question: Which do you think is more impressive: Dirk hitting 30,000 points or Beltre getting to 3,000 hits?

Sefko: No. 6 against No. 31? I’ll go with the sixth most in one sport as opposed to something that’s happened 31 times in the other cheap jerseys sport. Not to belittle the achievement. Hitting a curveball is the hardest thing in sports. But being No. 6 at anything in history is pretty unreal.

Question: Do you envision Dirk playing any more center in his NBA career or is that all a thing of the past?

Sefko: The way he moves? Where else can he play? Listen, it’s not an issue offensively. That’s not going to change. He’s still going to stretch the floor. But he has to guard somebody on the other end. The person who moves around the least is the likely person. But bear in mind, the NBA doesn’t have positions anymore. Bigs and Smalls. That’s about it. So he’s a big and will play like a guard, just like he’s done the last 10 years or so.

Cheap Authentic Stephen Curry NBA Stitched Jersey

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NBA superstars gathered on Saturday in Rhode Island to celebrate Dallas Mavericks’ Harrison Barnes tying the knot. But that was not the only highlight that evening.

Before we delve into what happened at the event, recall days after the NBA Finals, LeBron James posted an Instagram video of himself doing some interesting moves during a workout.

Whatever his intention was, people found it amusing and Saturday was no exception.

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry cheap jerseys China decided to poke fun at James’ dance moves with his own variation of the dance. A video posted by retired NBA player Brendan Haywood on Instagram shows Curry mimicking the dance with James’ teammate Kyrie Irving joining in on the fun with a message saying, “shots fired,” and the hashtag “kingwontlikethis.”

Not sure if this clears things up from all the rumors circulating about the current state of James’ and Irving’s relationship, but this could be an indicator of it.

Irving has asked to be traded but the Cleveland Cavaliers have not said if they would grant his request.

Kent Bazemore Jersey Wholesale Price Free Shipping

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Stephen Curry had quite the weekend. He was caught cheap jerseys authentic on film apparently mocking LeBron James’ summer workout videos during Harrison Barnes’ wedding, then he popped up in an unexpected place late Saturday night.

Apparently, Curry and Kent Bazemore crashed a random house party in Newport, Rhode Island after the wedding. TMZ reports that the Golden State Warriors star and five friends (including Bazemore) randomly rolled up to a house that was playing loud music. They knocked on the door and asked if they could join the party, which was populated by a bunch of 20-somethings.

Curry was apparently chugging Bud Light and stuck around for around 45 minutes. It doesn’t look like he’s very good at it though, check out the spillage on his t-shirt:

Curry is clearly enjoying his summer after winning a second NBA title in three years.

Chandler Parsons Authentic Stitched NBA Jersey

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With Chandler Parsons in the first year of his $94 million deal in Memphis, his latest injury proves the Mavericks right in letting him walk in free agency.

When Chandler Parsons bolted Houston for Dallas a few summers ago, the Mavericks were ecstatic to land possibly a future cornerstone of the franchise.

Parsons came into Dallas and played a stellar first half of his first season before having hybrid micro fracture surgery on his knee in March of 2014. Parsons would cheap nba jerseys authentic miss the rest of the season and appear in just one playoff game that season.

Last year, in Parsons’ second year in Dallas, he would start the year on a minute restriction only to have surgery on his meniscus in March and miss the rest of the season for the Mavs. He would never play another game in a Mavericks jersey again.

That summer, Parsons elected to opt out of the last year of his three-year deal to become an unrestricted free agent. Thinking that Cuban & Co. was bringing him back, Parsons got a stark surprise when the Mavericks elected to let him walk.

Back on the Chris Vernon Podcast in the Fall, Parsons had this to say in regards to free agency.

Parsons is honest in the fact that he knows that Dallas let him walk for nothing because they were not sold on his knee problems. That summer, Parsons would sign a four year, $94 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.

After playing in just six of the first 30 games of the season in Memphis, the recovery road for Parsons has been brutal. Now, 67 games into the season, Parsons has appeared in just 34 of them and is averaging career low numbers in every main category.

Then news broke on Monday concerning Parsons’ status for the rest of the season.

The Memphis Grizzlies officially announced that Parsons had a partial tear in his meniscus and is out indefinitely, which ESPN’s Tim MacMahon says is season ending.

Now, for the Mavs fans that crucified Cuban & Co. for letting him walk this summer, the decision is looked at as a big win for the Mavericks organization.

I am not condoning injuries by no means, but the medical team in Dallas was right and them not handing out $94 million to Parsons was a win for the franchise moving forward. What did the Mavericks do with the money that would have went to Chandler Parsons?

They signed Harrison Barnes to a max contract and what a breakout season Barnes has had in Dallas.

Barnes has played in all 66 games this season for the Mavericks and is averaging a career high in points with over 20 ppg. He has been a breath of fresh air in somewhat of a rocky season in Dallas and looks to be a young cornerstone of the post-Dirk future.

As Mavs fans, we wish Parsons nothing but the best in his injury recovery. But for a franchise that has made some questionable free agent decisions in the past, they got this one right in letting Parsons walk.